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Matthew Sroka

Monday, September 6, 2010

And we're off!

Hello again boys and girls,
Emily and I are now just a few hours from embarkation! And as we get ready to board our flight we cannot help but think about all those who have helped make our serving in Tanzania possible. From the many family members and friends who helped us with events like the car washes, yard sale, and us moving from our house, to all those who have given financially, to all those who have and will continue to pray for us. Let me reiterate that our ability to serve would not be made possible without you all. That is why Emily and I both feel strongly that we are not alone in this journey, but we our walking alongside all of you that have and will continue to support us. We will update our blog as often as possible, and as you read it we would ask that you do not read it detached as one reads a novel of some far off place in some far off land. No, we would like you to read our updates as if you were like Bastian reading The Never Ending Story, not just a bystander but playing an intricate part in the story. Follow our blog, pray for us, write us, and together a year from now we will look back at all the things God has accomplished through our (this our includes you!) willingness to serve.

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