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Matthew Sroka

Monday, September 13, 2010

Greetings From Tanzania

(taken from an e-mail from Matt & Emily)

Hey Everyone! Sorry we have not been able to e-mail sooner; it has been a crazy few days here. We arrived in Dar at 7:30 and made it through the airport with no difficulties (praise God). From there we drove and drove and drove about 16 hours until we reached Mafinga at 2AM! A very long day! Then we drove the next morning to Madisi, in the Iringa region. We arrived in the afternoon and met our student. We went directly that night to begin living with them. So now we have been living in the village for a few days, and life is very difficult (Emily got bit by rat in the middle of the night. Ah!). We are experiencing the food, language, living, and relationships of Tanzania. So we cherish your prayers, and we are already looking forward to the end of training and being sent to our school. Sunday we will meet with the leaders and be told where we are going. Hopefully at that time we can write again. When we are on the way to our school next Wednesday, we may be able to write and give you a better address to send to and what to expect about email. We have not got our phone working yet but if we do we will try and call. It is much colder than we thought as it is the end of “winter” and will get keep getting warmer. We miss and love you all. We will hope to write you again soon, but as you have already seen emailing is going to be very unreliable.

Love and miss you all,

Matt and Emily

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Elyce said...

I'm sorry to hear about Emily! I hope she's ok from that pesky critter bite. I'm glad that you both safely arrived to your destination. Love and miss you both! Prayers, hugs and kisses.