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Matthew Sroka

Saturday, June 25, 2016

I heard from Matt this morning! He arrived at the college today. It is rather remote and beautiful.  It sounds like it is a short drive from the main secondary school, Madisi, where Matt and I trained and spent Christmas. There is no internet, but people have told him cell service is good. 
 He is one of three American teachers at the college right now. Also teaching is Mr. Justin, who is Godfrey's brother, the Tanzanian in charge of VSI. He lived next door to us  and taught at Bukimau when we were there 2010. Mr. Justin's wife still lives and teaches at Bukimau so Matt hopes to visit with him some weekend when Mr. Justin goes. Steve Vinton also teaches when he is in town.
Matt is sharing a room with a Tanzanian who is like the grounds keeper at the college, and is next door to the two female american teachers. There are 9 Tanzanian students there this summer, and Matt is meeting with the American teachers tomorrow to go over curriculum. He said there is a cook that the students pay, so he will either plan to participate in that or share cooking with the other teachers.

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