Please look around and continue visiting my blog so that I can keep you up to date about everything having to do with my serving in Tanzania ! Feel free to email me with questions and please keep me in your prayers!
Matthew Sroka

How Can You Help?

1)   Prayer 
There is no support more important than prayer.  I long for your commitment to pray for me. I will once again be entering a different culture, facing a language barrier and be forced to live a lifestyle that, despite my past experiences, is still very foreign to me.  In order to adjust to these changes I need your prayers.  Also, please pray that I may have a great impact on the village and the school where I will be teaching and that the hearts of the people around me will be open and sensitive to the Gospel.

2)   Finances
I am also in need of tangible financial support.  VSI feels very strongly that missionaries raise 100% of their money. Their reasoning is threefold:
·        Raising money allows more people to participate in the works of missions in Africa (not just me but my financial supporters, too! While in Africa I will know that none of the money I have comes from my own pocket, but all of it comes from people who support missions in Africa. Knowing that my money comes from you will help me not to use it frivolously. VSI does mission work differently, and they do not hire professionals to raise money.  Therefore, VSI relies on word of mouth and donations of individuals.  For example, I know several people from my first mission’s trip who have continued to support VSI. . This may have never been possible if I did not get to share my need with them.  
My goal is to raise $3,500 for my two months of service.  This will cover airfare, health insurance, daily living expenses, residency permits, and will also support the ongoing mission of VSI.  VSI does not take out a percentage of the support raised for “administration” or for the running of a home office in the United States.  Every dollar given will be used as effectively as possible to further the ministry in Africa.  

I thank God for any way you are able to support us!