Please look around and continue visiting my blog so that I can keep you up to date about everything having to do with my serving in Tanzania ! Feel free to email me with questions and please keep me in your prayers!
Matthew Sroka

What I am doing?

I have chosen to serve through Village Schools International(VSI) in Tanzania.  VSI’s mission is to share the Gospel through education.  In 2005 VSI opened their first 3 schools, built 22 classrooms, received 13 missionary teachers from America, and enrolled 832 students.
             Today, VSI has thirty-five schools in villages in Tanzania and Malawi which are providing an education to just over 9600 students. VSI is partnering with people in over two hundred villages, working together to try to build an additional 72 classrooms this year and to open next year eleven more new schools. 
VSI works in and with villages to help them build schools and also sends missionaries to teach in these schools.  However, teaching is just a small part of what I will be doing in Tanzania.  I will be immersed in Tanzanian life and will live alongside the people I am serving. Tanzania is a poor country, but its people are welcoming, loving, and have hearts open to the Gospel.