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Matthew Sroka

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Returning to Africa

After going once when I was 23, and then again three years later with my wife Emily, I have now once again committed to go to Tanzania for a third time. This will be my shortest trip, just 2 months, from June 21st to the middle of August. And instead of teaching at a secondary school like in previous trips, this time around I will be teaching at a teacher’s college, training future Tanzanian teachers. I will be returning with the same organization, Village Schools International (VSI). Though the length of my stay and the place I will be teaching has changed, my ultimate mission remains the same:
“We send missionary teachers to small villages in Africa to get so involved in the lives of their students that sharing the Gospel is the natural result of loving them.”

This is VSI’s mission statement. VSI’s mission is my mission. I will go and live in Tanzania amongst Tanzanians and build relationships with my students and peers. I will get to know them, and the more I know them, the more I will care about them.  And through these relationships, I will not only teach them English and how to teach well, but I will also share with them about the Gospel.

I would appreciate your support in this endeavor. For tangible ways you can help check out "How Can You Help" And be sure to check back often for updates on my trip. Thanks and God bless!


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