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Matthew Sroka

Thursday, January 6, 2011

back to reality....

The holiday's are over, the cookies are eaten, and the hot chocolate consumed, its time to get back to reality. For us, that means making the journey back to Tanzania and more specifically, Bumilayinga. We have been blessed by so many this holiday season. We were blessed by the hospitality of all the VST family at Madisi for Christmas. And then we continued to be blessed by the entire Hamelryck family here in Zambia for New Years and this whole week. We've made new friends and partners in ministry in Africa. As Courney D. calls it, the "Hamelryck Resort and Spa" has been just what we needed as our half-way point in our ministry.
We are excited to return to the new school year, meet new students and teachers, and continue building Bukimau Secondary School. Thanks to a sweet group from BEP, we were blessed with the best Christmas present ever, a solar charger! Thanks to this, we also hope to be able to share our knowledge with students and teachers so they can learn to use a computer. Often students and teachers have no experience with computers until they reach University level education.
Tomorrow morning, Friday, we make the journey by train to Mbeya Tanzania, and will arrive there Saturday afternoon. Then Sunday we will continue by bus to Nyololo where we've stored our bicycles. Then we will strap all of our Christmas gifts, gifts from home, and grocery store treasures to the backs of our bicycles and make the ride back to Bumilayinga.
Much love and blessings from Zambia!
Emily and Matt

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